Trip in Europe (1) Freiburg

Sep 15-16, St. Loius to Freiburg, DE

Sitting in the a small lounge of the  airport, I listlessly looked straight ahead, feeling exhausted. It’s a groomy day here in Mulhouse, the French branch of the EuroAirport. The weather perfectly harmonized this confusing and tiresome journey for which I was supposed to be in the Switzerland branch, Basel ten hours ago. My muddy brain still remembered first being bumped onto Chicago because of air traffic regulation to Boston, then getting stuck in O’Hare and Heathrow, Lodon for four hours each. It’s surely not a pleasant trip. The Euroairpot is very small, at least true for the Mulhouse. The incapacious room, though not crowded at all, soon made me uncomfortable to breath inside. So I stepped out, sitting in a stone bench and faithfully waiting for the airport-Freiburg shuttle to take me to the Freiburg railway station, without any desire or energy to wander anywhere. No appetite either, not even for a cup of coffee in the a nice chinese cup and tray with sterlin silver spoon that the two French airport staffs leisurely brought with them, sipping away their afternoon break.


PS. surprisingly, there’s a French town also named St. Louis next to the Mulhouse airport.


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