Trip in Europe (2) Freiburg

Sep 17-21 Freiburg, DE
Freiburg is a nice little town in the southwest corner of Germany. Although it’s proclaimed the sunniest city in Germany, the weather’s pretty cold during our arrival and lasted for almost the whole stay in Freiburg. Luckily not much rain fall, except for a rough shower highlighting the twilight of my first day. Mimi joined me on Sep17 en route from Dusseldorf. Poor little girl, I missinformed her the weather condition…
The Hotel we lived in is family operated. Although the physical condition of the room is not all that great, the breakfast is superb! Freshly baked bread, cereial, hot steamed egg, bacon, suasage etc… It’s just family style delicious.
We went to the Holy Mass in the Munster Church on Sunday afternoon. Although don’t know a damn word about German during the ceremony, we received and ate the Holy body from the Bishop. It’s a very nice Mass.
From Sep. 19-21 then, I was at the ESMRMB workshop: Diffusion–from basic physics to exploration of microstructure, hosted at the University of Freiburg Hopital. And Mimi was out shopping, partly due to the weather and partly… The rest of the time we just wandered around the town, taking some pictures and wasting away some time. Didn’t go to the castle nor the black forest, probably because both of us were tired. We left Freiburg right after I finished my last day lecture.
Btw, it’s said Kaiserstuhl, the village next to Freiburg, is probably the only place in Germany that can produce some drinkable wine according to the French. We didn’t go there or cross the border to the nice little French town: Colmar to verify if we should trust the French or not.
Attached is a Freiburg Topo image from Google earth. Freiburg: up right; Mulhouse: down  left; Colmar: up left. The yellow border line is right on top of the river. 

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