Trip in Europe (7) Munich

Sep 25 – 27 Munich, DE
Arrival at Munich from Frankfurt was already the early morning on Sep 25. After spending most of the day resting in the hotel, we decided to drop the original plan to Passau. Instead, dedicating the rest of the Sep 25 in Munich, which later turned out to be the only time we could afford to explore this big city. That night, we  wandered through the most popular old and new town center and  briefly joined the Oktoberfest, which is simply a big carnival if you’re not too much into consuming beers and hitting on girls.
The fact of Oktoberfest (慕尼黑啤酒节)there during our visit was kind of unfortunate.  First, the hotel room rates was outragous (one double room > 140 euro for our first night ), which wasn’t justified at all by the fact that we spent most of our time outside of Munich. But that’s how things went out of your control.  Second, the city became dirty, fidgety and less organized.  And noisy too at night, because our hotel was just couple of blocks away from the Oktoberfest. Some people may enjoy Oktoberfest a lot, but we obviously didn’t. Maybe too much drunk flooding in for the Oktoberfest altered the city’s original style, which I wondered as a lot of locals were immigrants. In general, Munich left us a less classy impression than the other German cities we visited before. 

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