Trip in Europe (8) Berchtesgaden – Salzburg

December 12, 2005
Sep 26, Berchtesgaden, DE – Salzburg, Austria
The journey to Berchtesgaden (贝西特斯加登) represented a fortunate mistake. IE train to Salzburg (萨尔兹堡) first was our original plan, which we realized later that Berchtesgaden would have been given up. Fortunately, we hurried onto a wrong RB (Regional Baunhauf) during the connection, a very samll town branching out to both places. Not long, our old RB jade started to wind into the thick forest on the Bavarian Alps. Frequent up and downs forced the brakes shouting out loud creaking noises, which casted some mystery shadow on the jolty ride. Out of the forest it’s a bright sunny day in Berchtesgaden, the state national park. It is a popular summer resort (二战期间是纳粹高级军官疗养地, Jennar peak附近的 Eagle’s Nest据说曾是Hitler的行宫) and the train probably had already taken us couple of thousand feet above the sea level.
A bus had to carry us furthur uphill to the resort center through the local villages and farms. Two options from there: 1) cable car/hiking up to the Jennar peak or 2) a cruise ride in the Konigsee (国王湖) . We chose the former because of the time constraint. It’s a breeze to ride on the cable car, with magnificent views along the way up to the top. However, those elderly German hikers treading up is pretty admirable. Like all the mountain peaks, you got what you’d paid for: views from the top. The Konigsee was like a sparkling gem embraced by arms of the mountains (试想应和天山的景色相似). Btw, there’re also brave experimentalists parachuting from the mountain peaks.
下山来所剩时间无多,匆匆赶上最早的RB。无奈火车得从山路原道退回分岔口,方可入境奥地利(Austria)。等到Salzburg,又已是天光昏暗,城堡古迹都隐入夜色。倒是不赶时间回慕尼黑,所以徒步走去Salzach河畔的市中心。Some window shopping here and there。闲逛中误入一巴洛克花园,美则美矣,不过夜色中厚厚的树墙还是不免有点恐怖。相比德国的古而不旧,萨尔斯堡略有破败之感,公共交通没德国便利(no Tram line),移民人口也似乎更多一些。