Trip in Europe (10) London

Sep 28 – Oct 03, 2005 London UK

After returning from Fussen, we left Munich very early the next morning (Sep 28), flyiing to London. I took my second ESMRMB workshop: Rapid Imaging at the Imperial college, which is at the center of London city. The Stuart Hotel, which is a small and old four story mansion we stayed in, was only two stops away from Imperial college. 

We didn’t take the chance to explore much of the London city and the nearby Cambridge or Oxford due to my tight schedule and fatigue after two weeks touring around Germany. I am not regretting. There will be plenty of international meetings and symposiums take place in London in the future.  Frankly, I was not thrilled by London at all, not only  because aesthetically numbed after the intensive old town experiences in Germany but also because used to be quite familiar with the big city life. London is an intriguing city, nevertheless. Maybe I was just not in the mood of tasting it. The Local host invited us to cruise the Thames river at the night of the closing day. The scenary looked a bit like Huangpu River, Shanghai from the boat.


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