Keep up with OE

The work culture of the OE developers, frequenting IRC and mailing lists, is vastly different from that of the pdaXrom developers, who gravitate around OESF Forums. I gathered the following OE related links to keep them handy.

Build Env
OE mailing list: Dev, Issue, Commit, User, and Announce; bug trackers: OE for cross-compiling and packaging. (Handhelds only for binaries ships.)

Angstrom mailing list: Dev, and User.
Open Zaurus mailing list: Dev, Software, User, and Announce.

GPE mailing list: User, Commit, Bug, Translation, and bug tracker.
OPIE mailing list: Dev, Commit, Bug, User, and bug tracker.


One Response to Keep up with OE

  1. Koen says:

    The bugzilla isn’t used for anything OE related, only for binaries ships.

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