Doxygen IDEA

Rolf in the IDEA forum has been suggesting to use doxygen to replace the shipped Rose Model in Siemens IDEA releases. Here is my voyage with doxygen in win XP home.

doxygen 1.5.2
MikTex 2.6 basic
Ghostscript 8.54
(not the latest release 8.56, but corresponds to the version in Texlive 2007)
Graphviz 2.8
(not using the latest stable release 2.12 because of bug 1103 and can’t find 2.10 in archive)

Configuration (doxyfile.pdf)
only files inside …/n4/pkg directory need to be documented, leave other irrelevant directory alone. (strip_from_path …/n4/pkg)
document all entities, as few were documented in doxygen format by Siemens


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