elog 2.7.0 in Debian

Unfortunately Elog did not pass the security scrutiny of Debian yet. Hence it is categorized as unstable. For security reason, instead of apt-get install elog from sid, It’s better to get the latest tarball and build from source.

1. Build and install elog to the default location /usr/local/ with user:group as root:staff.

cd elog-2.7.0 && make && sudo make install

2. Take care of user privilege

useradd -G staff gordon
chmod -R g+w /usr/local/elog

add to the [global] section of /usr/local/elog/elogd.cfg

Usr = gordon
Grp = staff

3. Start elog daemon and view the logbooks @ localhost:8080

sudo elogd -p 8080 -c /usr/local/elog/elogd.cfg -D


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