qemu not happy with gcc4

November 4, 2007

Updated 3/23/2008 Thanks to RP for cleaning up the gcc recipies. Now oe builds its own gcc3.4 if qemu is needed to generate binary locales. The following is not needed anymore.

It is a known oe bug 2157 that qemu does not work with gcc 4. To use an older gcc 3 version in debian lenny (which default to gcc 4)

apt-get install gcc-3.4 cpp-3.4 g++-3.4

and manually symbolic link the following:

ln -s /usr/bin/gcc-3.4 /usr/bin/gcc
ln -s /usr/bin/g++-3.4 /usr/bin/g++
ln -s /usr/bin/cpp-3.4 /usr/bin/cpp


Upgrade monotone to 0.36

August 21, 2007

new dependency
apt-get install texlive-generic-recommended

removed dependency

OE host dependencies added

August 12, 2007

Default autoconf version bumped up to 2.6.1, which requires help2man

apt-get install help2man

Richard Purdie has been implementing svnnow in bitbake 1.8 (read message in oe mailing list), which uses sqlite3 database.

apt-get install python-pysqlite2

Updating Host

April 23, 2007

Since Debian etch went to release, I upgraded the host system (i686) to Debian lenny. Recompiled monotone to bring it up to version 0.3.4. Updated bitbake 1.8 to Revision 817. Installed Psyco with

apt-get install python-psyco

This gave me a successful “bitbake nano” of Angstrom for Tosa.

Keep up with OE

March 27, 2007

The work culture of the OE developers, frequenting IRC and mailing lists, is vastly different from that of the pdaXrom developers, who gravitate around OESF Forums. I gathered the following OE related links to keep them handy.

Build Env
OE mailing list: Dev, Issue, Commit, User, and Announce; bug trackers: OE for cross-compiling and packaging. (Handhelds only for binaries handhelds.org ships.)

Angstrom mailing list: Dev, and User.
Open Zaurus mailing list: Dev, Software, User, and Announce.

GPE mailing list: User, Commit, Bug, Translation, and bug tracker.
OPIE mailing list: Dev, Commit, Bug, User, and bug tracker.

Setting up OE

March 18, 2007

Getting started with open-embedded (OE) on Debian etch (testing).

The version control system monotone, used by OE, in the debian etch distribution is out-of-date. This requires a local build of monotone version 0.33. Monotone needs the dev support of boost and zlib.

apt-get install libboost-date-time-dev
apt-get install libboost-filesystem-dev
apt-get install libboost-regex-dev
apt-get install libboost-test-dev
apt-get install libboost-dev
apt-get install zlib1g-dev

dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b
dpkg -i ../monotone-0.33-i386.deb

The OE.mtn snapshot from openembdded was built with an older version 0.32 of monotone. In order to use the new schema in monotone 0.33

mtn -d OE.mtn db migrate

In bitbake conf qemu-native is assumed, so

apt-get install qemu


bitbake nano
was successful. now I’m ready for something interesting.